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HB 1486  

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Introduced by:
     Rep. Kasper, Dockter, Kempenich, Koppelman, D. Ruby, M. Ruby
     Sen. Clemens, Larsen, Paulson

Relating to the closure of the public employees retirement system main plan, the deferred compensation program, and expansion of the defined contribution retirement plan; to amend and reenact section 6-09.4-10.1, paragraph 1 of subdivision a of subsection 1 of section 15-39.1-10.3, sections 21-10-13, 54-52-01, 54-52-02.5, 54-52-02.9, 54-52-02.11, and 54-52-02.12, subsection 2 of section 54-52-05, sections 54-52-06 and 54-52-14.3, subdivision b of subsection 1 of section 54-52-17.2, and sections 54-52.6-01, 54-52.6-02, 54-52.6-03, 54-52.6-05, 54-52.6-08, 54-52.6-09, 54-52.6-10, 54-52.6-13, 54-52.6-15, and 54-52.6-19 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to a transfer from the legacy earnings fund to the public employees retirement system main plan and the public employees retirement system defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans; to repeal section 54-52-06.5 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to public employees retirement system retirement plan contribution rates upon reaching full funding; to provide an appropriation; to provide for a transfer; to provide for application; and to provide an effective date.

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Official Actions

Date Chamber Action Journal Measure Version FN Enhanced View
01/18/2023  House  Introduced, first reading, referred Government and Veterans Affairs Committee  HJ 332  23.0372.01000  FN  23.0372.01000 
01/26/2023  House  Committee Hearing - 08:30 AM         
02/06/2023  House  Reported back, do not pass, placed on calendar 12 1 0  HJ 533       
02/08/2023  House  Rereferred to Government and Veterans Affairs  HJ 557       
02/17/2023  House  Request return from committee  HJ 827       
02/20/2023  House  Laid over two legislative days  HJ 913       
02/22/2023  House  Second reading, failed to pass, yeas 15 nays 78  HJ 1065  23.0372.01000  FN  23.0372.01000